A non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lifestyles of homeless people and all forms of drug abuse that coincide with a negative aftermath to the environment and to public health and safety.

Some people don’t get out of the city they live in, let alone a homeless drug addict.

I’m positive this change of environment will manifest a new hope for our volunteers to begin a drug free life while building a new love and respect for nature.

We have already seen a positive uptake in those willing to volunteer their time, by thanking them we organise food and transport on the day and planned trips to the countryside for the volunteers that took part.

Litter has a wide range of negative effects on the environment. It is a waste of public money that is damaging tourism and inward investments, whilst also encouraging crime and injuring animals.

It is diminishing the environment and making our cities run down and filthy.

I plan to build a larger team of individuals who have respect for the community and environment we all live in.

2019 is the year of health and well being across Coventry & Warwickshire, this is supported with national legislation and good practice in relations to equality, diversity, health and safe guarding. 2019 is also the year that CLEAN UP YOUR ACT is going to exhale the same practice as we provide a safe and well being environment for those in need.

CLEAN UP YOUR ACT is a non profit organisation that provides food, transport and days out for the community. We need donations to continue this service, and provide uniforms to make those feel part of a team. To find out how to donate or contact for more information please use the links below.



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