Harley David West.

Hero to Zero.

British Army to Salvation Army.

My struggle with an inflated military ego, PTSD and hitting rock bottom.

Homelessness took me to the Salvation Army Life House. After severe depression, anxiety and a life time of using drug abuse as a coping mechanism I contemplated suicide.

After living in a subculture of homeless drug abusers my landscape has changed so that I can recognise an equilibrium of anxiety, depression and others contemplating suicide amongst my horizon.

This horizon has opened my eyes so that I was able to come to the conclusion that my struggle breaking the cycle of depression is on the equal level to everyone who lives within a homeless shelter or is still living on the streets.

My understanding of faith and spirituality has provided me with the strength to maintain a calm and positive outlook to manifest a brighter future for our community.

And this is my proposal:


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